Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl

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“Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits”
Ariel Terrell
Professor Kimberly,Sinott
ENG 115
January 25, 2013

“Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits”
By: Suki Kim
Reading this essay Suki Kim examined about how you should never get adequate with your style of living because it can change spontaneously. She had to get a mindset that she was no longer going to live in a lifestyle like she did in Korea. She had it utterly made living in Korea. She was treated rich in Korea, but suddenly this flickered. She went from being rich to poor and now she was facing paucity. She had to learn and accept that this is the change and lifestyle she must grow into. One thing I realize is even though she moved to an American State, she will would still abide the same race and she couldn’t change what was within her anima. She also had to comprehend that just because she to move to New York, did not mean she had to change the way she have faith in or her civilization. As she went to high school, she quoted, “Yet it did not take me long to realize that the other students and I had little in common.”( Roen, D., Glau, G., & Maid, B. (2011).). Suki Kim was facing the same thing kids from her school were facing. I trust Suki Kim main purpose in writing this essay is she wanted to explain that she cultivated tough situations conforming to what it was like living in America than living in Korea. She had to realize that how she was living in Korea is not going to be same living in America. She had to come to the closure that she will always remain an Asian, but she will no longer live in a mansion. She had to get to in head that she no longer have a governess that is going to help her; she will start taking public transportation to school, and will be going to the Laundromat to wash clothes. ( Roen, D., Glau, G., & Maid, B. (2011).).). I would say that this essay genre was narrative. It was a first person telling this story and it told a story. This essay was past...
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