Facing Fears of Spiders

Topics: Phobia, Fear, Classical conditioning Pages: 3 (776 words) Published: April 11, 2011
Learning Experience Paper
Psychology 103

Facing fear can be very scary, it is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain or the threat of danger. Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat. Fears can be a specific phobia, or a social phobia, such as an intense, paralyzing fear of something that perhaps should be feared, but the fear is excessive and unreasonable. People need to come in contact with there fears, and recognize that the problem wont be resolved if they don’t face the fact of their situation.

One of the problems that I faced is the fear of spiders it gives me chill bumps, it makes my skin crawl to where I sweat excessively. I can’t stand to look at it, or kill it I will leave the room and have someone else kill it for me. That is a huge problem that I face everyday and night it wont leave it’s on my mind constantly. That is operant conditioning, learning in which voluntary responses are controlled by their consequences. Probability of an action being repeated is strengthened when followed by a pleasant or satisfying consequence. When I was a little girl I use to go down south to visit my family, and one day when I was there, I had came across a big hairy spider that was in her laundry room, and I remember what happen to my cousin. My cousin was bitten by a brown recluse, that spider put a whole in her leg to where she was in the hospital for days it was very nasty looking. That night I remember when I went to sleep and woke up that next morning, it was one on my arm that spider scared me so bad to where I knock it off of me so fast, and hard to where I kill it instantly, but one thing it didn’t bite me at all. Every since then I always been scare of spider. That is a classical conditioning because it’s an emotional response to a previously neutral stimulus. Classical conditioning occurs, when a neutral stimulus becomes paired associated with an unconditioned stimulus to elicit a...
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