Facility Planning Part I-Family Clinic

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Facility Planning-Part I: Family Clinic
A family clinic plays a vital role in the community by diagnosing and treating community members before and escalation of illness or disease. A family clinic must be supplied with the latest in specialized equipment to provide primary and minor care. The family clinic facility needs to be equipped and ready with staff trained to deal with multiple forms of symptoms and medical complaints. The family clinic takes the weight of the facilities that provide treatment to patients with life-threatening illnesses and injuries that require immediate treatment. In order to able to house the necessary equipment and staff the appropriate number of personnel needed to provide primary care and consider the communities needs according to their history of medical needs. A family clinic has to be able to provide care for the types of minor illnesses and diseases that are found in the community. Research provides valuable data that will assist in the planning of a family clinic that will meet the needs of the community as best possible. A family clinic must be able to treat a variety of minor injuries and illnesses and careful planning can provide a facility that focuses on the needs that are unique to the community. A family clinic facility must hold a design that allows clinic staff to treat various types of illness and injuries including those that are non-urgent. Noise control is important to a family clinic because of the age assortment of patients that are seen. Noise levels in other ambulatory care and physicians’ offices should be measured and reported to further establish standards and assure that a satisfactory environment exists for employees and patients (Schuster & Weber, 2003). Technological and pharmaceutical advances assist in decreasing wait times and provide health care professionals with assistance in diagnosing and treating patients in shorter times saving time and money. Renovating a family clinic to meet the...
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