Facility Planning Part I

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Facility Planning Part I
Nina Brown
Facility Planning/HCS 446
December 6, 2010
Johnnie West
University of Phoenix
Facility Planning Part I
To give adequately patients improve and high-quality health care services, there is a call for improvement to the health care amenities and build new ones to maintain the existing ones whereas overextend with the increasing demand of services from different patrons. Any type of development embarked on should be in line within the finances provisions that are accessible at the moment. Health care services are essential for each person to continued existence and accessible when needed in a location, which is sanitary, and harmless. This is for the welfare of the public and the facility, which is set to develop the reconstruction or extension of the outpatient clinic. The facility is in Augusta Georgia, called University Health Care System Outpatient Center. This paper will highlight on the community or facility needs, the population it will serve, and a description of the facility. Community or Facility Needs

Within any business or health care organization there is a need to use strategic planning. The design should consist of mapping out the objective, idea, and purpose for the project to meet. The expansion or renovation should have a long-term horizon that measured in years instead of months or weeks. The mapping and expanding of the outpatient center took much time and deliberation with concern to rigid conditions, resources, the scheduling and expansion of the tangible structure and the interior design of the outpatient center. The venture in downtown’s well-known medical facilities is growing at a fast tempo, whereas University Hospital Health Care System is undergoing a $93.6 million renovation and expansion project that started in 2003 that includes the outpatient center (University Health Care System, 2007). In 2003, a working group consisting of board members, administration and more than 60 doctors...
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