Facility Planning Part One

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  • Published : July 16, 2010
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Running head: Facility Planning Part One

Facility Planning Part One
Loretta Harman
HCS 446
July 5, 2010
Ryan K. Haywood, MBA

Facility Planning Part One
The most important part of facility planning is to know the different types of patients will be coming in and out of the facility for productivity and efficiency. The emergency room is a place where there needs to be more room that everything is easily accessible in case of emergency. The emergency room is a place that needs to develop everything at the nurses and doctors fingertips. When designing an emergency room they need to look at the different types of patients will be coming in and out of the department. The building in the physical department is being determine, it can consist of one floor or more. The emergency is the most important department in a hospital because the patients come there first. It would the important to design the emergency room so that can accommodate patients of all ages. Some emergency rooms are small and not easily to enter the department. Most buildings are designing from the outside so sometimes the floor does not always turn out the way that it was planned. Sometimes defining a department can also include specifying its area requirements in square distance units. Floors restriction may also be define where the department may not need to fill every space available. When developing a department or unit the designer needs to look at everything and from every point of the unit. They also need to look at the different types of patients that they will be serving. The department needs to be cost-efficient in the way that the patients are transport and the different types of equipment that will be used within the department. The goal of department is to take care of many different patients’ needs to be cost-efficient and product to customer satisfaction. Customer services are an important part of the department as well. When a department or...
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