Facility Planning

Topics: Hospital, Emergency department, Illness Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: January 4, 2012
To provide patients with quality health care services, it is important to improve health care facilities and build new facilities to accommodate the growing population. Community or facility need for the building or renovation

An emergency room is an area in a hospital that provides treatment to patients with acute illness, trauma and other medical emergencies. Harlan Medical Center provided emergency care to 25,000 patients last year. This makes the facility the most experienced and busiest hospital in the area. To accommodate the growing demand of services I have decided to renovate the department. Renovating the emergency room will make a huge difference in terms of capacity for serving the community. Type of population you are serving

HMC emergency department will provide quality health care services to every individual in the community. The new renovations will services the residents of Harlan, and the resident of all the surrounding counties with the population of more than 250,000. As mentioned before the emergency department provides patients with rapid treatment for sudden illnesses or trauma. The patients are made up of different races, genders and ages. Description of the facility that you have selected

The proposed renovations to the new emergency room will be greatly beneficial and invaluable to the medical center. Making the renovations should not only improve treatment times but should also attract new patients to the facility. The first renovation would be the addition of 22 new private treatment rooms. These rooms will be used for patients with more serious injuries as they will be treated as VIP (very important person) guests. For some people a trip to the ER is unnerving in itself. However, if having a private room can provide a sense of calm and ease nerves, then having a private room is exactly what the patient should get. The second improvement will be the addition of 16 general treatment rooms. These treatment rooms will be geared...
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