Facility Design in the Hospitality Sector

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1.1 Definition of terms and brief background
Facility design According to Buchanan (2001;9) is the human power of conceiving, planning and making products that serve human beings In accomplishment of their individual and collective purposes. In view of this definition it suggests that design is inherent in all aspects of human endeavor but also relates fundamentally to people thereby highlighting the criticality of design to hospitality and tourism industry.

(Katsigris and Thomas 1999) suggests that facility design entails decorations, shapes, sizes, and styles all aspects that can impact ‘soft ‘factors such as building ambience, comfort, image, and style and hard factors such as cost ergonomics, noise, safety, or space allocation.

Facility design is not a one day activity or event it is a process which involves three stages which are predesigning stage, designing stage and the budget stage respectively and these 3 stages have their sub stages which are not going to me looked into in greater detail.

1.2 The process of facility design: Stages
1.2.1Predesigning stage this stage involves the development of idea(s) and setting of objectives about the design in relation to the purpose of the facility to be designed. It is at this stage that a feasibility study is carried out this is a process whereby the designers would be determining whether the project is viable or not in comparison with other already existing establishments. It is also at this stage that the space allocation takes place.

1.2.2 Designing stage this stage involves the use of architectural construction and engineering personnel people who will undertake planning and working together for the development and design of the project. The planning of the design will be in such a manner that it suits the investment available, easy to maintain and allowing sufficient circulation area that is vacant space around the area.

1.2.3 Budget stage this stage involves the use of finance people in a wider extent, involving the allocation of funds to their respective project areas. However this stage does not only involve the budget for finance but also time budget is an important aspect to be considered in which a time schedule is set and judged whether it’s appropriate or not.

According to the project and development manager of Holiday Inn Harare all these stages have to be conglomerated in harmony to ensure sound facility designing.
1.2.4 Importance of design in hospitality/ why hotels put much emphasis on design?
Design in hospitality and tourism facilities is regarded as a core aspect that can contribute towards adding value to operations and guests (Alonso and Ogle 2008; 326). Design, especially for hotels can create an atmosphere in the public areas of a hotel that makes it attractive to visit, including bedrooms, restaurants, lobbies, lounges, bars, and shops. Although location is a fixed and unchangeable factor for the hotel interior and exterior design can add or detract from the properties attractiveness. Effective facility design can affect ‘soft’ factors including image, style, comfort, marketing and ambience. Image and style represent the way in which an entity communicates messages identity and quality, and these are subjectively judged by the customer based on his her personal perceptions and frames of reference. (Ransely and Ingram 2007; 79) According to the project and development manager of Jameson Hotel this makes it vital for facility designers to consider their prospective customers perceptions before affecting any particular design process be it internally or externally.

Hotels have a variety of facilities including entrance, lobby, front desk and front office, guests’ room and suites design, public facilities and back of the house, for the purpose of this study this paper will look at the design of these major facilities in the respective order. 2.1 ENTRANCE DESIGN

Entrance design is the most important...
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