Facilitating Organizational Change in an Admissions Department of a Mental Health Institure

Topics: Employment, Shift work, Accounts receivable Pages: 7 (2170 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Improving the Admissions Department
At Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division there’s a high turnover rate in the Admissions Department. Besides the issue with turnover, there seems to be a problem between the supervisor and his staff. The director has received numerous complaints from the staff members that the supervisor is abusing his power.

Because of continuous problems in the admissions department, the area has a great deal of absentee. This in turns has caused a significant amount of overtime. The county is facing a shortfall and with the overtime the department is over budget. I’ve been called in as a consultant to rectify the problem. There has also been a lot of gossip going on in the department concerning other co-workers which has led to fighting amongst staff members.

As an outside consultant, the first thing I decided to do was to give a confidential survey to the supervisor, the current staff, and former employees. I allowed the present supervisor and current staff a week to look over their surveys and send them back to me. For past employees, I allowed two weeks.

The director has told me that the present supervisor has been through numerous leadership trainings. He’s also been written up for failing to adhere to his supervisor (the director) orders.
The problems that I’ve run into are that the current staff was reluctant to complete the surveys for fear of retaliation from their boss. I let each of them know that the surveys were confidential and that they could type up their answers and leave them in a box in my temporary office.

After reviewing the survey from the current and former staff, I discovered that there is a problem with the leadership, communication, co-workers felling harassed and therefore they don’t come to work, and the supervisor showing favoritism.

Organization Diagnosis and Assessment Phase
The visible signs that there seems to be a problem in the admissions department are a high absentee rate and poor quality of work. Due to the poor quality of work, the billing department is receiving an excessive amount of errors. These errors have caused the billing process to slow down and this affects the amount of revenue being brought into the facility. .

The business drives are the administrator, the executive director, and the fiscal director. The fiscal director is responsible for the admissions and accounts receivable department. The individuals that will be affected by a change would be the admissions supervisor and his staff. The results from the survey let me know that the admission representatives don’t know what’s expected of them. I also discovered that employees lack morale and customer-service. A few of the staff members feel that because of the clientele they serve why should they care about how they act towards them.

The survey that was given to the fiscal director, admission representative, and admission representative helped me to complete a thorough needs assessment. I discovered that in order for the admissions and accounts receivable department to work efficiently there needs to be some changes made. I’ve also discovered that because of the issues with staff and their supervisor it has resulted in low-morale and employees not wanting to come in and work. I also found out that employees have been mandated to stay over and work until their relief arrives. The department has recently added two new staff members and now the department is fully staffed. The supervisor works first shift alongside two admission representatives and this seems to work out fine. I’ve created an analysis to present to the key stakeholders. The analysis will show how the current department is set-up and running now. The other part to my analysis is a map of the new set-up for the department. Management has had a chance to look over my plans and have agreed that I can move forward implementing my plan. Because this is a municipality...
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