Facilitate Continious Improvement

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Activity One [1]

1. How could you contribute to continuous improvement in your role?

Become a role model and lead by example.

Effective communication

Coaching and mentoring

Set the standards and benchmark.

Activity Two [2]

2. How can current systems and practices enhance or inhibit productivity?


Contingency plansNo Contingency plan stagnate no production

Effective planningNo planning, unprofessional

Be organizedVery unorganized

CommunicationLack of communication

Time managementNo time management tasks missed

ResourcesNo resources unprofessional and dangerous.

Activity Three [3]

3. How does communication affect productivity?

Information needs to be accurate and up to date, Information needs to be timely, all people to have correct information, to help make the right decision. Relationship with suppliers can be of assistance

Activity Four [4]

4. Why is documenting work practices important?

Cerates consistency, Leads to accountability, Great training tool, assists compliance factors, the requirements are documented, Employees sign off on tasks and policies that show understanding.

Written and Oral Questions.

1. How can suppliers help an organization in making improvements?

Timely deliveries, product choices quality of the products, negotiate costs and price match, give advice on the market and competitors.

2. What is benchmarking?

Benchmarking is a continuous process of comparison, projection and implementation of processes and systems of a given business function across companies. It can be applied to any area of an organization.

3. What suggestions would you make for your organization to foster a greater...
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