Facial Hair or No?

Topics: Beard, Facial hair, Shaving Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: January 30, 2012
Facial Hair or No?
Andrew Naylor
Stacey Novak

A man’s face can have many different looks and facial hair is one thing that can have a big impact on the overall look. Some men prefer to be completely shaven while others prefer to have some form of facial hair. While there are no real benefits to a person, physically, to have facial hair or not, some feel it has benefits professionally and in their relationships. The clean-shaven look has been one of the most used by men ever since men developed tools to shave. Some men believe that they look more professional when they are clean-shaven as opposed to having facial hair. Also, many businesses require that men be clean-shaven in order to work at their place of employment. The clean-shaven look presents a smooth look and shows a man’s face as it would be with no hair. There are many different looks when it comes to men having facial hair. There is the go-tee, the mustache, the “soul patch”, the “stubble look”, the beard, as well as many other terms for different styles. Men have been sporting different styles of facial hair since they began shaving. Many men believe that having a certain style of facial hair will help them professionally as well as help them attract women. Styles of facial hair have went through stages throughout history and seem to come back around every few decades. Lately, the beard has come back in style, especially among young men. All in all, having facial hair is a choice that some men make to achieve the look they are going for. One contrast that men face on whether to have facial hair or not is whether they will attract a woman with or without facial hair. According to a UK study, women prefer men with stubble for love, sex and marriage over men who are clean-shaven or have a beard (Telegraph, 2008). This could cause a man to grow some stubble in order to attract a woman. According to the study, women find men with stubble more mature and the more ideal...
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