Facebooks Privacy Issue

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  • Published : June 10, 2010
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Facebooks Privacy Issue

Exercise 1

Meysam Khollari


Sec. BAO

Instructor: Laurinda Hartt-Fournier

Facebooks Privacy Issue
As I was browsing through the newspapers to find a social event to write my essay about, the front page of the Metro news paper grabbed my attention. The article was about the changes applied to the world’s largest social network website, with more than four hundred million users across the globe. This social network website was launched by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004. This social network gave its users the ability to update their personal profiles, check their messages and chat with friends. As this social network evolved and became more complete, it became a great place for companies to market their products and services! In the past few years, this website has grown so much that almost every single person that I know is a member of it; even my father! Probably as you have guessed, this giant social network is Facebook, with the net worth of over 15 billion dollar, according to Crunch base. One of the biggest problems that this company has been dealing with since its establishment was the privacy issue of its users. Up until May 25, 2010, Facebook’s previous privacy setting and options weren’t enough to earn the satisfaction of its daily users and outspoken critics. I believe Facebook has done a good job in protecting the privacy of its users in a new developing technology which no one had ever seen anything similar to it before. The

Facebooks Privacy Issue
problems that raised afterward was due to the issues, misconceptions and conflict of interests that were hidden from naked eyes at the time of developing the technology.. After weeks and weeks of debate over the privacy issue of Facebook, the company announced its new features towards the privacy and confidentiality of its users on the web on May 28th. When the changes take place on the website, there will be one simple control button...
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