Facebook vs Twitter

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Unit 3 Face Book vs. Twitter Case Study Analysis
Kaplan University
School of Business and Management
MT460 Management Policy and Strategy
Author: Gene Evens
Professor: Dianne Martin
Date: June 25, 2011

This day and age we have so many social networks that can be used to stay in touch with people or to search information today. I don’t understand why people are so into Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other sites? There are so many things that seem to be the same, but they have several differences. But people are looking for faster and better social sites. But one question is who will be on top? Synopsis of the Situation

Who is better than who? Or one could say who is going to be the king of the hill? Facebook has tried to purchase Twitter with no success. It is hard to say who will come out on top or who will be the ultimate winner of the social war. Until on or the other purchases their competitor or they just decide to merge and rule the social network, we will have to wait and see who will win. Key Issues

Facebook and Twitter are both free sites and are both popular. Facebook and Twitter are both time conversations, but Twitter is a little faster. They both seem to have their good and bad qualities. Twitter has a character restriction and has no popups. Twitter users can also post to their Facebook page. Facebook does not have a character limit. They both can post pictures and videos. Facebook has a better privacy blocking system (if you can find it and get them set right). A lot of users (me included) are not aware of this option. Facebook allows businesses to advertise and reach more people faster. Facebook makes there revenue off the ads on their site, witch keeps it free for their users. Facebook has games for their user to play also. These games also generate some of their revenue. Twitter has no games and the only source of revenue is its investors. Define the...
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