Facebook vs. Other Social Network

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Facebook vs. Other Social Networks
Remember several years ago when social networks became really “hot” to young adults and teens? Do you recall ever having an account on websites such as Xanga, Friendster, and MySpace? Several new, exciting, and popular social websites have been created within the new generation we live in, causing the old networks to unfortunately close down or just run quite low on popularity these days. But with all of that comes new and better social networks. Maybe even one that blows all other social networks out of the water! Perhaps Facebook holds standards and criteria high over all others. However, how could we know if this is even possible without first implying what makes a website become a social network. Second, listing what other social networks have to offer to hold such a name. And last but not least, what Facebook most likely has and can do that no other social network has done before. So what makes a website worthy of being called a “social network”? What are the criteria? First off, a social network is basically an online profile that allows you to connect with your friends and family. You can share pictures, videos, music, and personal information about yourself and your life/activities with others on that network. A social network has its own criteria. Not only does it have to be quite popular, but it has to be easily obtainable to find friends and family whom you’d like to keep in touch with via internet. This is what they are all about. Why else would they be created? Social networks are a way of keeping in touch and keeping others updated on you and what you are doing. Eventually, they can become a part of your daily life. For example, after many people get off work or out of school, they check their notifications or important messages or updates they receive from that social network. This gives people a way to keep up with what’s going on with others and let others know what is going on with them. And this happens on a daily basis for most people. People check their social network daily for new updates on other things that are happening to other people, while recording their own events or updates.

There are many social networks that have been around. Some are still around, some have slowly dissipated into the cyber background, and others are making a huge hit such as Facebook. One of the first really big social networks to stand was Myspace. While it is still around today, it is not as popular as used to be. Myspace has millions of users, using complete advantage to advertise bands, music artists, and new music hits. Many famous singers today were found on Myspace and have made a fortune in their career. This social network allowed you to personalize your own profile from the background layout, all the way to the music, images, and blogs you could post on your profile. It was a fun and creative way to see what other people were up to and what they were interested in. Social networks range from friendly networks, to dating networks, and even professional networks used specifically for business purposes. For instance, a very popular and professional social network used today that was designed for business people or working professionals is LinkedIn.com. LinkedIn was made for others to make connections with associates and other business contacts. It is used as a personal contact to find potential customers, clients, and even future partners in the business world. On this social network, members post their resumes and work history. This is when others come in with recommendations, comments, and job references from former or future employees. This website is very successful in serving its purpose! As for social websites such as Match.com, eHarmony.com, and Spark.com, they serve dating purposes only. Here you can compare interests, personalities, and chemistry between one that you may be interested in dating. These websites can also be known as “Single’s” websites looking for a...
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