Facebook, the Thing That Connect Us

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DSS10643 Media and Society

In what extent, do you agree the statement of Facebook “Facebook, the things that connect us”?

YU FEI PING 53061559

Nowadays, it is a technology oriented society. There are many new technologies being launched such as iCloud, YouTube etc. Facebook is one of the very famous social networking services in our world that has over one billion active users. Therefore, what reasons make Facebook become so popular? Facebook has answered this question. It states that Facebook is the thing connecting us and use chairs to represent it.

To start with, I would like to explain the denotation and connotation of chairs that Facebook choose to represent itself. For the denotation, chair is a facility for people sit on and have different activities such as playing games, telling jokes. For the connotation, there are many subjective meanings. For example, chair is used to get people together, so they can open up and connect anything. Since chair, people can communicate to each other easily and won’t feel alone. Also, People may feel relax and comfortable about chair. Facebook believes chair is a channel, and that’s why people use chair to get closer. Therefore, chairs are like Facebook.

For the pros, according to the definition of Web 2.0, Facebook aims to facilitate communication, secure information sharing and interoperability on the World Wide Web. Facebook users can share their opinion, picture, video and some interactive function such as “The Wall”, “Pokes” and “Like” can be used. In further, Facebook becomes a business tool for some user to create online shopping. As a mobilization tool, Facebook users, through Facebook called upon others to participate in a really against the society for truth on its right position. In HK, Facebook has become an important platform for younger generation. For example, Anti D&G activity, anti-national education, this type of activities through Facebook to aggregate people and coordinate petitions...
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