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Facebook is a social network created in 2004 and has over 21 million registered members. It is the newer version of MySpace and has taken over cyberspace. Facebook allows you to stay connected with friends, classmates and old friends. It was originally created for college students, but people of all ages all over the world have now become part of the social network. There are many activities you can do when you join virtual groups based on common interests, see what classes they have in common, and learn each others' hobbies, interests, musical tastes, and romantic relationship status through the profiles. If used properly there can be many advantages of Facebook in the life of a college student. Some colleges set up facebook groups for future classes of students to meet online. The University of Chicago had several groups of students getting ready to graduate high school already beginning online friendships with possible future classmates. They all talked about and shared their goals, what classes they planned to take and shared in the anticipation of receiving their acceptance letters. Students across the country are connecting with future classmates as well. Some students in New York arranged to meet there facebook group friends in person. These new facebook friends will probably rarely see each other on campus. These facebook forced friendships do not last for long, but it makes the students feel more comfortable about their first day of College. If you are a college student like me, chances are you probably have a Facebook. You probably log on more than once a day and you probably spend at least an hour on it per day. You sit down to write a paper or study for a test and somehow you end up on Facebook. Before you know it an hour has passed and you haven’t gotten anything done. This is the case for majority of college students. We do not know how to manage our time or priorities. It is easier and more entertaining to spend time on Facebook than to spend time studying. There is a quote that states “The reason why people fail is that they trade what they want most for what they want at the moment.” In this moment college students want to socialize and have fun, they put their future on the back burner because they cannot feel the effects of their underachievements. Facebook also has its advantages as well. For example many college students can use facebook market place to sell their cars, books, computers etc. With such a large number of people in this network it makes it easier to sell your items. “According to a 2008 Kaplan study, one in 10 college admissions officers routinely check out college applicants’ Facebook and MySpace pages. And some 38% of them found posts and pictures that reflected poorly on those prospective students.” A study conducted at Ohio State University concluded that students who were Facebook user had a GPA 5-10 points lower than non Facebook users. Students who did not use Facebook dedicated more time to studying than users. It is important to keep everything on your facebook mutual. You do not want someone to be able to look at your profile picture and know everything about you. If you are a prospective college student, or a college student ready to find a good job, or apply for an internship it is important to sensor your profile. Your profile picture should be of you at a party with a drink or cigarette in your hand, kissing your significant other, or anything sexy or provocative. It should be a mutual picture of you in a nice setting. You should also be cautious of what you put in your profile description. The way you talk, and describe yourself shows a lot about your character. College students talk in slang amoung there friends, which is not a bad thing, but it should be limited to just that, amoung your friends. A young college graduate applied for an internship in a consulting company in Chicago, when the company looked up his facebook this is what they found in his profile...
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