Facebook: Social Network Service and Face Book

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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While there are many pros and cons for Facebook it will be ultimately be up to you to decide which of these the online communities will be something that you, your friends and your family can use to be able to bring the communications you have to the next level., Face book like any other social network has its pros and cons. Face book is a social networking website where each user joins the community and connects with their friends virtually. because When you look at a comparison of the pros and cons of these two online communities, you can find that the biggest difference is the interface, user ability., Now that you see some of the big reasons why you need to try out face book, we will look into some of the things that make face book annoying and also scary to your privacy., and First of all it has the highest user percentage of all social media sites, which means there is a good chance that most of your friends, co-workers, and relatives will have a face book page that you can interact with. Face book is a great way to connect with your old high school and college classmates. The growth of face book has increased communication between many people all over the world. People are able to speak their mind through websites, blogs, pictures, and other user-generated media. Facebook is a great example of social web because it is real people that are able to communicate with a variety of people around the nation whether it is friends, family or just another face book user. Facebook is also used for business purpose for marketers online. The pros of having a facebook are as follows:

* Great way to connect with your old high school and college classmates old friends and make new friends. * Connect with close or distant family members.
* Great way to learn about news.
* Keep friends and family updated of events in your life. * You can promote yourself and any other work you do.
* Meet new friends and join groups.
* You can play many different...
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