Facebook Should Not Be Banned Essay

Facebook Should Not Be Banned

It's a great way to connect with family and friends. Why should we ban it? Facebook. You can socialize and talk to your loved ones and friends. Games, kids love them. People need to realize, that not everyone is stupid and inappropriate on Facebook.

If we ban Facebook, how do people talk with loved ones or friends who might be far away? Sure, we can talk on the phone with them, but Facebook is free, phones and phone calls aren't. "Staying in contact with friends through Facebook is actually easier than using regular emails because it doesn't matter that you sent a one line message or a cheesy free gift." Claire Ferris-Lay said this. People can also socialize more. Parents, teachers and other adults are always telling us to socialize as much as we can... even scientists are saying this. If kids had Facebook, we can socialize more often, instead of just socializing at school. Facebook is a good way to do this.

All kids love games. One Facebook there are lots of games. Games galore. Some games help people learn, they are also fun. Something to do and the good thing about them is that they are appropriate for younger children to see and play. Games on Facebook are very popular, and there are all kinds of games.

My final reason for Facebook not being banned is this; people need to realize that not everyone is stupid and inappropriate on Facebook. Lots of people have Facebook, put don't even post statuses, some don't even have 100 friends on Facebook, they might just use it for games or to talk to family and friends in far distance, so if that's so, how can everyone be stupid on Facebook? "but the important thing to realise here is that Facebook is only an arena for bullying, like the school lunch hall or the playground. No one is trying to ban under-13s from those places." Joanna Moorhead said this in her debate with Jenni Russell. Mike said; " Facebook is a tool. It can be used for good and for bad. Much like any other...
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