Facebook Persuasive Essay

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  • Published : June 7, 2012
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Persuasive Essay:

Facebook is currently a social network out of many on the internet. But Facebook is not like all the other social networks such as Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr etc. And there’s a couple of things about it that I personally don’t like. The social savvy network known as face book was originally made for students that went to college, and to get in touch with friends that were made during their college years. But it then gradually became bigger and more open than it ever was to all ages of every ethnicity. Which I thought was not right from the beginning. So this is why I think Facebook should be eliminated from the internet.

After face book was a huge hit, I saw how much arguing and drama it caused between everyone. Since everyone of all ages were able to make to profiles, it became more of a gossiping center. Certain people would pick on others and more and more people would get involved. It then became a huge deal between students that go to the school and the school that they’re in. Cyber bullying became a big part of all schools between having assemblies for students, information packets on how harmful it can get, and having school announcements on how its affecting many kids all over the world.

The two things that really bother me about face book are how people can talk to each other through social networking but not face to face. I think people should be conversing in person rather than on the internet, besides you’ll never know about it. Facebook profiles are very easy to hack. Which means anyone and everyone who knows a thing or two about computers will be able to hack your profile within minutes. The other thing that I dislike about face book is the blocking process. When someone tries to block another from accessing their page they’ll be able to, but it wont stop them from “direct messaging” you. Either way if you chose not to talk to someone and try to avoid them they can direct message you and still be able to reach you that way....
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