Facebook Making Us Lonely?

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Brittany Barnier
Composition 2
January 29, 2013

Keeping in Touch or an Unhealthy Addiction?

In this article “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” the author, Stephen Marche starts off with an intention grabbing story that made headlines about a lady named Yvette Vickers. She was a former playboy playmate and a b-list movie star. She also was known for being found dead in what he described as in a mummified state, lying next to her heater, but her heater was not the only thing near her that was still running. Even after not being found over a year after her death, which was not the only thing that caught the attention of Mr. Marche. When Vickers’ neighbor found her dead her computer was still on and glowing and lighting up the dark and empty room. After searching her phone records, it was proven that even months before her death there were no phone calls to family or relatives, but shockingly only to distant fans that had only knew her from fan conventions or some internet sites that she was registered to. Even though she did not have any children, or any close circle of any kind, only a couple of weeks within her what they believe was a “lonesome” death there were already 16,057 Facebook posts and over 884 tweets on Twitter.

Mr. Marche used this story bring up the question if Social media such as Facebook and Twitter could be the cause of lonely. Even with all of the connectivity these are supposed to bring us, research shows that we have never been lonelier. Marche expressed, “Loneliness is certainly not something that Facebook or twitter or any of the lesser forms of social media is doing to us. We are doing it to ourselves.” An example that he used in the article was going to self-checkout versus a normal check stand at a grocery store. He even admitted himself to going to the self-checkout, only to avoid wait time and because it is more efficient. Marche isn’t trying to bring loneliness upon himself, he is only trying to “Bypass the whole circus and...
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