Facebook Friend of Foe

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Facebook Friend of Foe

By | March 2012
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Krista Rutz
WRTG 3040
Facebook- Friend or Foe

In this day and age its not about what you know its about who you know, Facebook currently has over 600 million users, with profiles that contain their everyday lives, and reveal personal information about who they are. Facebook has doubled in size since 2009, and pushed international competition to the side, becoming essentially “the identity registry for the world” (The Facebook Obsession). There is no better way to forge connections with long lost friends, or develop an extended social network with access to almost 600 million people. However, the average user is unaware that their information is not only being shared with friends and family but is in fact sold to marketers and advertisers, so they can be effectively targeted by the latest are greatest ad. The more Facebook knows about its users the more targeted advertising can become. People’s personal information is shared among multiple sites, so they can effectively target the Internet user when they visit their website. Privacy laws in the Internet space are still very vague. It is this lack of development which has allowed Facebook to essentially sell users information to marketers, advertisers, and partnering websites so they can configure this data in such away that it creates the desired ad responses when the user is on their Facebook account or even if they access a new website. Due to the company’s growth and policy development, Facebook is setting the stage for privacy in the Internet age; however it too lacks the adequate coverage the public is demanding.

Nowhere in the constitution does it directly use the word privacy; however, under U.S. law the right to privacy is technically protected under the fourth amendment. According to the Constitution the fourth amendments reads as follows, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be...

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