Facebook Depression

Topics: Facebook, Abuse, Social network service Pages: 4 (1395 words) Published: November 28, 2011
Facebook Depression
"A sampling of my Facebook feed this morning reveals a video clip of my J.Crew model–esque sister-in-law rock climbing in the Adirondacks, news of my younger cousin winning $1,000 in a singing competition, a friend’s pictures from her recent trip to Morocco, a post on my newly published friend’s book page, a plug for my friend’s new home-based jewelry business, … I feel inadequate, untalented, and boring. Why? Because I have 'Facebook depression.' " (Williams).

That is an example of exaggerated Facebook Depression written in Kathryn Williams in Divine Caroline. This quote demonstrates perfectly what usually happens when one sees all of the exciting things happening in other people's lives when their life is at a boring standstill. Social networking has become so popular nowadays that depression from Facebook can be more painful than depression from the real world. Not only that, but it has its own term--"Facebook Depression." Facebook is used as a social networking site in which people are able to connect with their friends. Almost half of all Facebook users are either high school or college aged (Smith). Although researchers are not sure if it is an extension of depression some kids feel or a distinct condition linked with using the online site, it should be treated with the same seriousness (Tanner). There are five warning signs one expresses if he or she has Facebook depression. They are obsession, social isolation, academic performance change, physical appearance/health decline and significant mood change over a short period of time. Obsession with Facebook means the teen spends large amounts of time talking or thinking about their Facebook activity. If the teen is socially isolated then the teen spends more time alone as well as engaging in online activity rather than spending face to face time with their friends. If the teen has lost energy or seems more fatigued , they may have gotten lower grades and spends less time...
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