Facebook Data Analysis of Fabindia

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Fabindia: Facebook Data
Fabindia: Facebook Data

MM-III Assignment

MM-III Assignment


User| Comment| Category|
Rekha Reddy| I can wear your clothes all day, everyday!!!| M1+| Leon Kaye| LOVE LOVE LOVE your clothes!!!| M1+, M2+|
Shweta Pal| An outlet of Fabindia is close to my Campus and well.........that is where all my pocket money goes and each time I come out with a big grin on my face and not to forget, looking gorgeous too| M2+| Romenas Pitom| The beauty prooducts of fabindia is truly awesome!!I'm too much satisfied after using the tea tree toner of them| M1+| Priya Prakash| The service quality of Surat Fab was bad..:(| M1-, M2-| Candy Upton| worth visiting in Panjim| M1+, M2+|

Supriya Tenany| isn't this a Fabindia Banarasi sari--Vidya Balan wearing on her wedding???| M1+| Ridhima Sachdeva| So the Black & Red Promotion is on! Looks interesting :D| M1+| Bhavya Kodesia| Thanks Fabindia for making me look good on my special birthday| M2+| Jaya Bhattacharjee| fab india and its collection is fabulous , indigenous and although may be a bit high price we beleive the stuff is authentic by source design and product| M1+, M1-, M3+| Moumita Das Chenna| its so annoying to c u guys charging fr paper bags....wht to recycle more whn its already md out of one| M2-, M3+| Pinky Ahuja| Really high priced, does the money even reach the actual workers?| M1-, M3-| Jasmine Pereira Baptista| I brought the under eye-gel - very smooth on application & effective| M1+| Anivlas Salvina Wesley| i m using yr product "anti wrin and Clove."i like it| M1+| Kriti Shankar| Bought a maroon coloured kurta from your new crush collection, after just one wash the colour is fading, the crush effect is all gone; really disappointed; you people are cheating us saying all the products are authentic and genuine| M1-, M2-, M3-| Amrita Chowdhary| great stuff with great fitting, i m a die hard fan, but these days the cotton saris range has become unreasonably expensive| M1+, M1-| Preeti Nair| I am in the US and I found very limited choice online.| M1-| Moumita Sadhukhan Banerjee| The patterns are all same| M1-| Shamshaad Ali Baig| Fabindia feels like home :)| M2+|

Kierti Mishra| FABINDIA:-Reflecting real & tradition beauty of indian clothz| M2+| Kierti Mishra| I salute fabindia for itz remarkable works for Chanderi. I just luv chanderi work itz really make mi feel royal.| M1+, M2+| Damanjeet Kaur| Why dont u ship cosmetic world wide ???its depressing| M1+, M2-| Gazala Paul| I live on Fabindia Garments day in and day out....great fan| M1+, M2+| Meera Mary Sunny| for our engagement, we picked our dresses up from fabindia!| M1+, M2+| Kiran Lalwani| fabindia in dubai is too very expensive for a common man| M1-, M2-| Nilanjan Ghosh| my most fav. brand...I just luv it.. But no discount!!!!| M1+, M2-, M2+| Samee Azmi| Y are the shirts not of standard size ? Y are the rates so high? Y do ur colors fade !!!| M1-| Priya Jayaprakash| plz update d site better..that is a major falut| M1-| Snigdha Taduri Sista| I'm a big fan of Fab India but it would really help if Fab improved their website and updated their online store....its a pity that there isnt much there...| M1-, M2+, M2-| Jitendra Bhavsar| I have faced lot of problem with Fabindia, after sale service is worst. will never buy and recommend fabindia to anyone.| M1-, M2-| Macrina Benjamin| Hello Fab team, I am a die-hard Fab-freek and a regular since years. I bought a jute hand bag (Ebag Silk Med) from my favorite Kalaghoda store on 26th November 2011 and used it for the first time on 4th Dec '11 - and on the first day itself the zip just snapped. The bag is useless if it won't zip up.| M1+, M2+, M1-| Mayuri Rajput| I am the true fan of Fabindia!! It's fabulous !! Good design and quality..| M1+, M2+| Prity Chhaperia| No sale in...
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