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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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> Why do people use Facebook and what do they do when they are there? The social networking website fulfill 2 needs
1) Need for belongingness
2) Need for presenting yourself to the world/surroundings

Internet based services like Facebook gives some capabilities to the individual to present themselves to the world and share events/photos etc. to the outside world. Initially Facebook started with an idea for interacting students of a common school, but now it becomes so large, people feel they are missing something in their life by not being on the Facebook. With total registrations of about 1 billion, Facebook is third world created. Some features which keep customer engaged- a. Curiosity

b. Fun
c. Learn
d. Experiment
e. Communicate
f. Make Money
g. Build A Business
h. Express Yourself
i. Make A Difference

Continuous innovation by Facebook team helps in keeping people interested and engaged, otherwise doing same thing for a longer time people feel dejected, like what happened with Orkut, Hi5 and other social networking websites. Apart from sharing your personal life, there are lot of things provided like- a. Playing Games

b. Events/Quizzes
c. Various applications
d. Provide opportunities for companies to open up their pages and provides platform for quick grievance handling mechanism and maintaining customer relations. e. Advertising and Marketing their products

f. Providing information

> Evaluate the success of advertising on Facebook.
> Evaluate the success of Facebook fan pages.

According to Slate's The Big Money, massive brands that combine their own content with user uploads have seen the best results on Facebook. While brands have helped increase their reach and engagement, research from social media monitoring and analytics firms show that its big brands that get the most out of Facebook get the maximum out of their fan pages.

Fan pages are so successful...
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