Facebook? Beneficial or Dangerous?

Topics: 2008 singles, Facebook, World Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Facebook; what is it about this site that has people going wild over it? At first glance it does not look like anything special compared to some other community sites out there. Sure; you can add friends, post comments and see what others are saying or doing. Unlike other sites though Facebook limits you. For instance you cannot edit the look of your home page. It's the same boring white screen that everyone else has. And yes while there is the ability to add photos and links both in comments and albums you can not add a lot of interactive material. So why do people use it? Well besides the obvious of just keeping in touch with family and friends I think most people who use Facebook do so to either follow what's happening with someone else or to play.

Many companies, stars, and political individuals and groups have Facebook accounts. This allows fans and critics to follow what is happening with their preferred idols. Fans of musicians or movie stars follow whats going on to help fill their never ending craving for news and gossip. Employees and former employees communicate and chat about what has been happening at work or what they think should change. This keeps everyone happy for the most part and people enjoy the gossip created. The best part is that you always know whats going on. The bad part of this is that you never know if what you are reading is truth or fiction.

Those that prefer to play have created a large following on Facebook as well. There are a lot of social games that have been created and added to Facebook. Games like Yoville and Farmville offer a world where you build up a community and grow in status. These games are addicting and fun at the same time. They require you to return to them often or you will loose a crop or maybe your status in the community. For the most part these games allow people to explore a world or way of life that they normally would never be able to be a part of. Of course it is all just a game but I know people...
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