Facebook Addiction and Peer Relationship

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Facebook as the world’s biggest social network creates an impact to every individual who become a user. This network serves as a connecting link between users and their peers to be updated on what is going on. In this manner, many people feel that they have to join the site and stay there in order to jive with the trend and be up-to-date on what is going on in their circle of friends which leads for them to become a facebook addict. One area in the life of individual to be determined by this technology is peer relationship. However, one good side of adapting to this trend is the improved ways of communication. The most common effects of facebook addiction are big loss in productivity; it can cause conflict due to jealousy and misunderstanding, the inability to concentrate and superficiality of friendships as well as isolation in extreme cases because of the ongoing preference of “online friendships” versus real life friendships (Chrisi Brand. N.d) one of the problems of facebook is, it can cause conflict because there is no privacy and you can post a comment, whether its positive or negative to your facebook friends’ wall or pictures.

A case of teenager in London was stabbed to death after he had argued with his friend over a Facebook party invite (Mad News, December 21, 2009). And a young woman from Florida has just pleaded guilty to second-degree murder of her baby son bcause he interrupted her FarmVille game in facebook with his crying (Fitzsimmons, Oct 28, 2010).

Psychologist Dr. Michael Fenichel, who has published numerous writings on FAD online, describes it as a situation in which Facebook usage “overtakes” daily activities like waking up, getting dressed, using the telephone, or checking e-mail. Nobody seems to notice the vast amount of time and energy, at home, at work and now while on the move people is devoting to Facebook. (Fenichel,2009)

In Philippines, amid rising cases of gang-rape, which a...
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