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Topics: Recycling, Paper, Oxygen Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: May 29, 2013
The outline

1-The introduction
a- Hook:
Why is Recycling Important??Well... Why is breathing important? When you take the time to really think about it, you'll see that both of these questions have fundamentally the same answer: TO SURVIVE b- Topic:

paper recycling process
c- Background information:
• Paper recycling has been around as long as paper itself. Paper companies have always recognized the environmental and economic benefits of recycling. In recent years, paper recycling has Become popular with everyone as a way to help protect our environment by reusing our resources And conserving landfill space.

• Today, about 87% of the more than 520 papers and paperboard mills in the U.S. recycle some Recovered papers. Today, recovered paper provides over one-third of all the fiber used at U.S. Mills.

• Americans recover nearly 50% of all the paper they use. • More paper is recovered in the United States than is sent to landfills.

2- The body
a- step #1: Collection
The first step of the paper recycling process is of course taken by each and every one of us when we take the time to separate our paper and place it in the recycling box. The next step is taken by your city, when they send the recycling truck over to pick up the paper and bring it to the processing facilities of your neighborhood. Next, comes the sorting . The paper is placed on a moving conveyor to be sorted. The paper has to be sorted by hand because there are different grades of recycled paper. Once the paper has been sorted it is then baled to make the transport and storage more convenient.The paper is then shipped to processing mills usually in the Pacific North West. step#2: Processing

At the processing Mill, the paper is soaked in water. It is then shaken to release the fibres to return them to their pulp state. It is important at this stage to remove the ink. If we don't do this, we will be left with a dull grey paper. There are three ways to do this: Chemicals are added to...
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