Facebook Addiction

Topics: Facebook, Addiction, Drug addiction Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Jacob Biggie
Mrs. Warstler
English 231
8 February 2013
The Facebook Addiction
Sourmar’s paper, The Dangers of Facebook Addiction, started off by describing what Facebook really is and how people use it. She expressed how it appeals so well to college students. She said that she thought it was just another “silly site that I would eventually stop visiting.” After visiting the site, she learned that was not the case. It is a different kind of site; it draws your attention more than any other. Students at her college quickly over prioritized the site, letting it get between them and important things they had to do. Sourma’s paper was well ahead of its time. She predicted an issue before it even fully showed. She used emotion in her writing to persuade her opinion. By explaining how it affected the work ethic of students, how it distracted them and addicting it became, she made an emotional approach to show the negative part of the site. Sourmar’s concerns, for being said back in 2006, are still relevant today. People are highly addicted to Facebook, and all her concerns are justified. Since then, Facebook addiction has only gotten worse; access to Facebook has gotten easier, with the advancement in technology. People access Facebook while driving, eating, working, and I’m sure doing some other activities that do not need to be done while on Facebook. With that being said, why are we addicted to Facebook? What about Facebook appeals to the minds of so many people of all ages? Dr. Brent Conrad, the Clinical Psychologist for TechAddiction.com, deals with addictions to different parts of technology. He has books and articles on how to over come addictions for Social Networking, video games, to online gambling. The reasons in his article Why Is Facebook Addictive? Twenty Reasons For Facebook Addiction all explain what it is about Facebook that draws us in. Facebook requires very minimal effort to operate. You can post statuses, pictures or communicate with...
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