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1. Why conduct business on Facebook?

1. The number of user affects the effectiveness of business activity Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world, it launched on 2004 and the users has reached 1,000 millions up to now (CrunchBase 2013). It means that for every seven people on the planet have one person to use Facebook. According to All Facebook data, Facebook has taken root in more than 200 countries or regions around the world, the social empire has only 20 users in the Vatican, but in the United States the number of users reached 166 millions and then the number of users is up to 50 millions in 6 years, in the subsequent two years the number has doubled. In the past year, the number of Facebook users grew by nearly 30%, but in some areas such as Brazil, Facebook membership doubled. Thus, so many users, Facebook is a good business platform for most businesses.

1.2 Page views will directly affect a website visibility
For a brand or company’s advertisement, website traffic is very important. It determines how many customers could be contacted. The number of visitors to Facebook is more than the world's largest search site Google (Anurag 2012). In American, Facebook's page views for the whole Internet market one quarter. Facebook occupied 11.98% in all the sum of the site visits, while ranking second in the Google accounted for only 7.7%. Online competitive intelligence service Hitwise did the survey to Facebook, the result showed that in American, there is an access to Facebook in every 11 network access; every 5 pages in a Facebook webpage browsing; the average time of each time the user access to Facebook is around 20 minutes.

3. Spending more time on one site is more likely to promote consumption Users spend a lot of time in Facebook. The coverage and participation of Facebook’s users continues to increase. At present the average time that user spent in Facebook was 7.5 hours every week. Among them, more than 57% users log on...
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