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According to the number of Facebook users, there are about thousands of people all over the world playing Facebook in a day so it is not a surprise to found that many viruses are spreading out through those pages by means of internet surfing. Moreover, there are many hackers who are trying to hack Facebook accounts of others in order to stealing people personal data for spreading out viruses worldwide. The hacker will gain a large amount of money from repairing people’s computer from the viruses. However, to protect you computer from the viruses, the virus scanning program such as Norton 360 could help scanning and filtering your computer from virus though. Not only Facebook page but also other social networking webpage such as Myspace, Twitter, and Bebo contain many of spam and scams. Those spam and scams have an effect on your private space such as e-mail. You might face with the daily anonymous e-mails asking for your time to date with or to have a chat with, yes, it is the effect from spam and scams and there is, until now, no way to fix these things and eliminate those junk mails.  Scam is going to be a huge problem that really needs to be solved. The problem seems to be more serious according to the many ways of hacker to trick Facebook users to steal their accounts. The methods of stealing accounts are very tricky, just faking the official page of Facebook too fool people to log in that fake page. After logging in Facebook fake page with their e-mails and passwords, the hacker is able to log in those accounts in the same time and scam their friends to expand further spam throughout the website. In addition, the hacker doesn’t steal just your account but also be able to steal your bank information through the hacker advertising as well. Thus, being insecure situation like this, people have to be seriously aware of their information security. There is no denying that fact that people’s activity, nowadays, seems to surf the Facebook...
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