Facebook's Uses in Daily Life

Topics: Facebook, Reality, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Facebook’s uses in daily life

Facebook is something we are all familiar with in one-way or another. Facebook is the bridge between many relationships, and can help relationships begin and unfortunately can also destroy them. Facebook has become an addiction for some people and can consume a person’s whole life. The level of consumption can get so severe that the person can lose touch with reality. People become so engulfed with the phenomenon that is Facebook that they forget to actually live. The bottom line, Facebook can be helpful or harmful it just depends on how you use the popular social networking site. In some instances people try to use Facebook as a dating site. People will add people they don’t know with hopes that this could be the one. This is not the purpose of Facebook but people forget that. Facebook has become a sort of dating site with users being able to find and chat with people from all over. Although people try to use Facebook for this purpose I personally feel it isn’t effective. Too many people can be friends with the same person you are trying to date and this can be disastrous. It’s too easy to simply like a person’s status or picture and problems to rise out of it. Facebook is probably one of the main causes for breakups. It’s safe to say that it’s your personal preference on what you do with your relationship Facebook-wise. Facebook has become such a blurred part of reality that it is often hard to tell what is real and what isn’t on the site. I know people that will dress up specifically to take pictures to post on Facebook. It gets to where people revolve their daily life around taking the “perfect” Facebook picture. I personally think it’s sad that people feel they need to prove to a social networking site how good looking they can be. More times than not when you see the people from Facebook in real life they don’t look like their pictures. Hence the popular shirts with the saying “You looked better on Facebook”. With...
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