Face Your Problems

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“Oh my God! I never expected this. But…… this is so horrible. My parents would be so disappointed. I could never ever face anyone in my entire life” or “why is it always ME! I am so unlucky ,look at her she always get what ever she wants, why not me!” or “I am completely ruined, there’s nothing left out there-I am just destroyed!”. This kind of sentences is often spoken by most of the people, who experience some difficulties, hindrances or falling grades.

Even in daily life if we get into some trouble due to any factor, we panic like this. We just lose our hopes, curse our fate, do nothing and start waiting for some miracle to happen after which everything’s going to be alright! But time never stops. Ofcourse it’s a bit difficult to overcome the shock, re-build yourself and your mind and take some immediate action. On the other hand if you don’t take it practically and don’t ponder over it’s solution then believe me it will be much more irritable to solve or face a heap of obstacles , that might annoy you and you may then start whining about your “cursed and destroyed” life again.

The point is, people will always hurl stones of taunts in your path of life. It totally depends on you, what you make of it-a wall of difficulties or a bridge over difficulties. You must accept it mentally because what ever has happened has happened. You can’t turn back time. Now you need to concentrate on the problem and have firm faith in Almighty God, continue your efforts and then a time will definitely come when you will be standing successful. Your inner self will be victorious and the difficulties will be defeated.

“Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it impossible for anyone to accomplish
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