Face to Face Communication

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Emotion Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Face-to-face communication is better than other types of communications such as letters, email or telephone calls. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Communication plays an important role in our routine life, . nNowadays there are different types of communications as well. Some people might think that communicating by face-to-face is a better way to explain things, while others might think that using letters, internet or mobile phone are more convenient to connect with people. However, personally, I believe that to communicateing in persons might can be my choice because of three different factorsbetter than the other types of communications: due to the advantages of body gesture, facial expression and immediate response. Fist of all, body gesture is used to conceivecan facilitate what the person wants to mention about express when communicating face-to-facein the context of face-to-face communication. It Body gestures also helps explicitly express ideas explicitly the event people have been through. Take myself as anFor example,. When I was an employee, I need to explain my idea to my client. the staff working in a store needs to explain things clearly to the customer. Indeed, Eexpressing the project concepts to my the customer by face to face will be very important., I always used my body Body language have been widely used to persuade them customers as well as pointing out the main ideas. of project accurately - such as confidence and firmness gesture. By doing so, it can touch their heart more infection and reaction than just communicate in telephone calls. In some situation, in order to touch the audience’s heart, body language and guestures are needed. As to the second point, having a talk in person seems a way to realize recognize others emotionand detect emotional feelings of other interlocutors.. It Interlocutors can be a signsignal to catch others mood...
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