Face Painting

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  • Published : June 5, 2011
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-1Misty Atkins
May 31, 2011
Dr. Brown

Androgynous - a mixture of masculine and feminine traits.

I believe that face paintings is an fun and androgynous activity. Until, a boy gets a face

painting that’s generally associated with a girl. Maybe there’s a reason for it like: an older

sibling of the opposite sex had one or he’s forever fascinated with the subject and that’s

his way of expressing it. On the other hand, it is okay for a little girl to have a masculine

face painting in society is understanding of that. I am understanding and knowledgeable

of what negative things this portrays for young boys, but face paintings are just that, face


One Friday evening, I took my daughter whose(5) and son (3) years old to her school

carnival. The second activity they wanted to go to was face painting. My daughter chose a

purple butterfly to be painted on her face and my son copied her. I permitted this, with

androgyny. I figured his only copying his sister you that’s all. Well, when we walked to

the another activity I noticed people (especially of my culture) looking at my son and then

me. As I was standing in the line I started thinking about what my son’s dad would do. I

could hear him saying, “ You need to tell them to take that off , I don’t know why you let

them put it on him. He’s not a girl.” Because he is the most important peer in my kids

life other than me. I decided to do just that. Peer - a person who influences us by

providing us with feedback, whether its positive or negative.

Modeling - demonstrating or showing your same sex the behaviors that you want them to

adopt. I never thought of my husband teaching our son to imitate his very own ways as

modeling. Because I didn’t know the correct term for it. I knew what he was doing, duh.

Any how, he would demonstrate how to go potty with our son, when I went to the store

he would keep my son at home...
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