Fabulous Mom

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  • Published : September 19, 2011
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Devante Marsh
AD 130
May 13, 2011
Fabulous Mom

Having a fabulous mom in my life would have to be the greatest way to create a beautiful Illustration. If one was to look at my mother she has a great Form as well, put together in a Composition of a great mother. My mother was brought into this world with no Distortion, but true beauty Naturalism (realism) .As I look up to my mom, I look as her as the Idealism and Abstraction of what all mothers should be like. My mother’s Content would have to be “ Fabulous”, because of her trendy Static style. If I were to Critique my moms Figure and style, I would paint out a Design in Collage format using Violet to give my viewers the idea that she represents a Cool Color based on her personality and things she enjoys doing. In the portrait my mothers Shape would be Curvilinear with Radical Balance to represent her body parts .Her hair would be Shaded in Tint from light to dark to give detail of her hair color. My mother would be wearing heels with one foot in motion and I would put that heel on the portrait using Trompe L’oeil To fool my viewers .she will have on a long summer dress with Warm Colors such a red, orange and yellow to show the type of clothing that she wear to stand out. The dress will be long with Calligraphy lines and flowers. Her clothing piece would be Rose, pink etc. To be exact I would use red from the Hue. My mother enjoys wearing Tactile Texture clothing and paten leather purses and shoes that show Visual Texture. My mothers Focal point would be her Brain, because I would paint it in Exaggerated Size using Abstraction, because I wont be able to reproduce it exactly how is made so I will use Contour Lines also to give my viewers the outline and point that she is smart and uses her bring the most to get the out come of being the great mom she is today. My mother knows how to Balance out working, and begin fashionable with all the latest fashions .She has a Alternating Rhythm with her clothing...
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