Fabulous Journey Unit 4 Anatomy

Topics: Heart, Blood, Vein Pages: 3 (1206 words) Published: February 9, 2013
The Fabulous Journey
Alice Morris
Anatomy & Physiology II
HS130/ Unit #4 Assignment

Prof: Allan Ayella
Kaplan University

Good evening everyone and welcome to our fabulous journey inside the respiratory system. I am Alice and I will be your tour guide this evening on this amazing adventure to the lower right lobe of the lung. The right lung consists of three lobes; they are the right superior lobe, the right middle lobe, and the tight inferior lobe. They are responsible for keeping the lungs properly working (onlineschools, 2012). Let’s see how fabulous journey works out. We are going to be traveling through the body of a healthy female singer. We will be traveling in style through the system of the body. We have the submarine ready with all we will need on our voyage now all we do is push the shrink button. Today I will be accompanied by some of my family and dear friends to help me along this journey. They are Angela, Katelynn, Ruby, and Gossett. Dr. Herbert will be assisting us with getting an inside look at the amazing body, also we will have a great front role seat watching the human body in action against an issue the unknown bacterium. After we have shrunk ourselves to be injected into the femoral vein, Dr. Herbert will place us in a syringe and send us on our way to an extraordinary journey. The ride through the syringe will be just like going down a big slide at the water park. Let’s get the fabulous journey underway. Hold on tight because here we go. We have just loaded the mini submarine and been shrank down small enough to fit in the syringe. Doctor Herbert is now injecting us into the body of this young singer. We will be starting our journey today at the femoral vein of a healthy female singer. We just got word that we must attempt to make our way to the lower lobe of the right lung. Along our way we will be going through the following veins and arteries: the right external iliac vein, the right common...
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