Fabrication of a Twin Rubbish Bin to Disseminate Information to the Public & to Improve Waste Management.

Topics: Waste, Recycling, Biodegradable waste Pages: 9 (2640 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Project Work.

Fabrication of a twin rubbish bin to disseminate information to the public & to improve waste management.

Based on a research synopsis prepared by Kekeli Buckner.

Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness. All over the world, human beings are tasked with the responsibility to manage and sustain the earth. For thousands of years the earth has remained a habitable planet. This is mainly because human beings have a culture of keeping their environs clean and tidy and the tool which helps them to keep their society clean is the rubbish bin. Most of us have one and probably have had one for most of our lives but very few of us give the humble rubbish bin much thought. But in fact the rubbish bin has gone through dramatic changes which have coincided with changes that our society has been through over the last hundred years or so. Whether you call it a dustbin, rubbish bin, garbage can or wheelie bin, the changes to our main refuse collection bin have been dramatic and represent the changing way we live our lives. Dustbins have only been around since the last 150 years or so. Before that time there was little need for dustbins or waste bins as most waste people discarded ash (from fires), wood, bones, body waste and vegetable matter which more-often-than-not was just burned in the fireplace.However, when the industrial revolution happened, more and more consumable items were being purchased and an increase in plastics and other materials was on the rise. The need to keep our towns and cities clean became apparent. Ghana produces 2,200 tonnes of waste in the capital Accra every day and 146,000 tonnes of waste produced per year with 400 tonnes of uncollected waste every day according to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA). UNICEF ranked Ghana in relation to waste management 48 in Africa, out of the 52 countries reported and 14 out of the 15 countries in West Africa, beating only Niger to the last position. Waste management is a problem in Ghana and one of the reasons is the lack of rubbish bins in the City. The Metal Product Design Section on KNUST is reasonably clean with rubbish bins being provided at every class room. But the inadequate and unauthorized pasting of posters and banners on white boards, notice boards, walls and trees is not anything to write home about.

The Metal product Design Section, which is one of the neatest and well organized sections on the KNUST campus, has been plagued with inappropriate and unauthorized placing of flyers and posters on walls, trees, notice boards and white boards for advertisement purposes as well as indiscriminate disposal of organic and inorganic waste products.

The Project will;
1.Create a platform for advertisement to the students and lecturers of the department. 2.Aid in the management of organic and inorganic waste products from the section by sorting them out. 3.Prevent the inappropriate and unauthorized pasting of posters and flyers on walls, trees, notice boards and white boards. RESEARCH QUESTIONS

1.Can adverts be displayed on it?
2.Can it categorize waste products?
3.Will it have multiple rubbish bins?
The study will be carried out in the Metal Product Design Section of KNUST. LIMITATIONS
1.Scalability of the project.
1.Will provide space for advertising and promoting brands to the public. 2.Will be an alternative to sticking posters and flyers on trees and walls. 3.It will help to manage and properly dispose of waste products in the Metal Product Design Section of KNUST. METHODOLOGY

1.Art Library
2.KNUST Library

Brief History of advertising
Much of traditional marketing practice prior to the twentieth century remained hidebound by rules-of-thumb and lack...
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