They say life is easy, but my experience tells me its not. Life throws you its curve balls all the time. Its all about learning how to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the storm to pass. My parents have always taught me to make the best out of everything that is thrown your way either its good or bad, that being said they say life isn’t so easy. I have learned this own my own already.

Life has so many different things to throw at you. I look at it like a baseball game, it throws you hard balls, curve balls, and so perfect pitches. In my life so far I have had many of these thrown my way. Some for the good some for the bad. But each one of them I have learnt from. Life isn’t so easy when you come from a divorced set of parents, but hey I got lucky, its taken me sometime to realize this but looking back at all of the hard balls and curve balls my parents divorce has thrown my way, it has given me the perfect pitch as well. My parents divorced when I was very young about two years old and ever since its been one long road. From my father not being in the picture to coming back into my life when he realized what he has missed when I was 16 things have changed so much. My real father and I never really had a great relationship because he was so intwinded with my step mother and her children that he didn’t make the best choices when it came to me. He kind of put me on the back burner because he didn’t know how to handle everything and I reminded him so much of my mom, it was hard for him to grasp all of this. This was a major curve ball thrown my way, because I was so young and I liked going to my dads I just couldn’t stand my evil step-mother. That is a whole story in itself. Life isn’t easy coming from a divorced family, especially when you want to have a relationship with your father but he cant juggle having 2 families, so there for I had to come last. On the flip side I scored the perfect pitch. I was blessed with a wonderful step-dad that takes...
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