Fabia Adams: Barack Obama

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  • Published : August 20, 2010
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Fabia Adams
English 090
June 20, 2009
Barack Obama The inauguration of Barack Obama has significantly changed my life. Barack Obama helped me because I feel like I am a part of the political process and that my voice is heard. I have become a part of the political process by contributing to the Barack Obama fund; I now am interested in the government procedures, and my children are now involved. I show my spirit with my Obama merchandise , and I was able to go out and convince people about the importance of going out and voting. Obama’s voice speaking about being a community organizer, has influenced me to be more outgoing and to pursue a superior form of education. I admire Obama because of his hard work, determination, and stamina in order to become the first African-American president. All of his achievements including his presidency, has inspired me to pursue my dreams as he did. Including his graduation from Colombia University and Harvard Law School, becoming a community organizer and becoming the Senator of Illinois. I believe that Barack Obama is a very powerful man with many great qualities suitable for his presidency. He is determined to make his country better and improve the lives of lower and middle class people. As I’m watching the news, about Obama’s future goals for improvement, I feel that all the hard work he does should be shown by my family and I should be thankful by improving our life situation with education. Education is the key to success, which are Obama’s messages to us. I think about this often and I always tell my kids the only way to prosper is with a good education.

Having Obama as a president has many great advantages including having a president that will clean up the mistakes from the previous president, a democrat will help the middle class and having someone that will make jobs for the unemployed. Also, an African American man...
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