Topics: Carbon dioxide, Earth, Global warming Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Will adding iron to the ocean help the planet escape from heating up?

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the amounts of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere have increased dramatically. In recent research that the concentration of carbon dioxide is expected to double by the middle of the next century causing global warming to increase by 1.5 to 4.5 degrees Celsius. However,the big problems that human beings have to be faced is approximately one-third of the man-made carbon dioxide emissions, caused from the burning of fossil fuels and from land use are absorbed by the oceans. Therefore,Many scientists reports that the increase in plankton allows for more carbon dioxide to be removed from the atmosphere. But Iron is a limiting nutrient for the plankton, the growth of plankton cannot increase unless the amount of iron in the water increases. Some people provide a question,Can we put iron into sea to promote plankton growth?Because of plankton growth,we can cut down on carbon emissions effectively. If we can’t reduce carbon dioxide emissions ,the amount of carbon dioxide emissions of the greenhouse effect caused to the environment system and mankind produces the enormous bad influence ,for example, mountain glaciers、disease、the typhoon, or tsunami disaster、earth pest increase、land drought, desertification area increased. So some of scientist provide that we can fertilize the iron into the ocean to help plankton growing quickly. If we fertilize,there are two side of this program: * The negative side: Algae growth will have serious influence on other Marine creatures ,for example, death of coral reefs, and Iron can make volcanic activity increase. They will have effect on food chain in the ocean. Also this hypothesis only in the first phase of the trial, we don’t know whether this solution is good or not. * The positive side: Atmospheric carbon dioxide might be reduced by a third and the greenhouse effect is under control In my opinion I...
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