Eymp 5

Topics: Psychology, Learning, Communication Pages: 3 (656 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Eymp5: support children’s speech, language and communication

1.1 Explain each of these terms;
. Speech
.speech language and communication needs
Speech is the physical production of sound using your tongue, lips, palate and respiratory system which enables us to communicate ideas. Children learn how to regulate and coordinate muscles when learning to talk which enables them to produce sounds which will then help to say words other people can understand. There are 40 sounds that make up the English language. Language

Language is a communication system that uses signals such as voice sounds, gesture or written. People say anything they want within their abilities once they have learnt the rules of communication and how to use it correctly. Symbols of the language system have meaning but these can be difficult and confusing to learn for example the word potato which doesn’t resemble a potato. The easiest way for children to learn the meaning of the word potato is to hear the word used when being offered mashed potato, but they will also need to learn that the word potato applies to other thing such a boiled potato, baked potato or roast potato etc. Speech ,language and communication needs (slc)

Children who have slc difficulties when communicating with others may not be able to : . Express them self
. May experience difficulties in understanding what people say to them? . Other people have difficulties understanding the ways in which they communicate Slc needs in children could have minor or very complicated they could be temporary or life long Bibliography

Author year title publisher Tassoin p, Beith k, 2010 children and young people’s workforce Heinemann learning level 3 bulmon k, griffin s (level 3)...
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