Eymp 5.1

Topics: Language, Nonverbal communication, Communication Pages: 3 (944 words) Published: August 16, 2012
EYMP 5.1.1. Explain the following terms:

Speech: The verbal means of communicating with one another. The act of communicating ones feelings, sharing ideas, expressing how one is feeling, asking questions. A means to relate with one another in general.

Language: Something which is used in communication. This can be either in the written form or spoken form. Though this is not just verbal; language can refer to any form of communicating messages to one another in order to be understood, such as sign language and body language.

Communication: Expression of feelings or thoughts. This can be made through sign, speech, body language, gestures and actions.

Speech, language and communication needs: The various difficulties that can affect young people in their development of communication skills. These can include speech development difficulties, problems with making themselves understood both to adults and other children.

1.2. Explain how speech, language skills, and communication skills support each other in the following areas:

Learning: We need language to understand the lessons we are being taught. We need it to participate in lessons, play and problem-solving. It allows a child to progress with their thoughts about what is going on around them and how to work these things out.

Emotional: Good communication skills will enable a child to be able to explain how they are feeling more effectively, thus having a more positive effect on their emotional well-being. If this is hindered, the emotional impact can be very damaging to the child's self-esteem, motivation, self-confidence and willingness to participate in the future.

Behaviour: Working with children, we need to set boundaries for them and make them aware of rights and wrongs, the language we use is paramount in teaching behaviour. As children learn from adults, especially how to communicate and treat one another, the better we communicate with one another, the better...
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