Eymp 3, 3.1 Explain How to Promote Children's Health and Wellbeing in an Early Years Work Setting

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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3.1 Explain how to promote children’s health and wellbeing in an early years work setting

To promote positive health and wellbeing within an early years work setting, there are 6 holistic aspects of health which enable a child to feel happy, be fit and able to adapt and to develop to their full potential.

Physical Health – this is how the body functions physically, and is the easiest “aspect of health” to measure.

Emotional Health – this is how we express our feelings (ie joy and sadness) and how we cope with new, challenging or stressful situations.

Mental Health – this is how we organise our thoughts and is linked to “emotional health” and “social health”.

Social Health – this is how we form relationships and relate to others.

Spiritual Health – this is the basis of our religious beliefs and practices, our own personal code of conduct and finding inner peace.

Environmental Health – this is how an individual’s health is affected by the health of the society that they live in.

As well as these holistic aspects, children also need the following basic aspects in their lives to remain healthy.

Nutritious food and drink – a balanced and nutritious diet is essential.

Real play opportunities – these should be physical and stimulate a child’s senses, as well as giving them the opportunity of a variety of learning experiences.

Hands-on experiences – in a way that stimulates the child.

Love and support – to enable a child to be emotionally and socially healthy, this is achieved by allowing the child to form an “attachment relationship”1 with a key worker. The key worker will spend time with the child during the settling-in period and then on an ongoing daily basis.

A healthy and hygienic environment – by practising good personal hygiene routines and hygiene routines in the setting, this will help prevent the spread of infection and maintain children’s and...