Eyes Alive with Enthusiasm

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Eyes alive with enthusiasm
A rush of embarrassment swept through him
Shocked by the directness of the reply
His face cracked into an apologetic grin
An endless expanse of blue sky
Leaves fell and fluttered like snow flakes
The wind moaned through the trees
e moon sailed across the sky like a ghostly gallion
Pausing for a moment she became aware of her surroundings
The warmth of the air wrapped around her like a scarf
 A sudden shiver of excitement shot through her body
His once designer clothes looked anything but attractive
Her shocking smile;broken.

* Adventure is the champagne of life.
* Ambition should be made of sterner stuff. (
* And death shall be no more. death, thou shalt die. (
* And justify the ways of God of men. (
* And nature must obey necessity. (
* And purer than the purest gold. (Ben Jonson : TheTouchstone of Truth) * Danger comes in silence and in secret.
* Dark with excessive bright. (
* A day is miniature eternity. (
* Death be not proud, though some have called thee.(
* Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
* Even God can not change the past. (
* Evermore thanks, the exchequer of the poor. (
* Excessive scruple is only hidden pride. (
* )Faint heart wins not lady fair. (
* The fairest things have the fleetest end. (
* Faith is love taking the form of aspiration. (

* Fame is food that dead men eat. (
For who would bear the whips and scorns of time. (
* Friends are born, not made. (
* Happiness is the shadow of thing past. (
* He wears the rose of youth upon him. (
* He, who will not when he may, may not when he will.(
* Heaven lies about us in our infancy. (
* Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter.( * Heaven is our heritage, Earth but a player's stage. (
* A heaven on earth. (
* The heart is not a clock, it will not wind again.(
* Hector is dead. There is no more to say. (
* Hills whose heads touch heaven. (
* His time is forever, everywhere his place. (
* An honest man's the noble work of God.
* Honest labour bears a lovely face. (
* How noiseless falls the foot of time. (
* Hypocrisy in the homage that vice offers to virtue.

Great Phrases 2

* Absolutely free conscience

* Absorbingly interesting occupation

* Abundantly illustrated book 

* Acoustically indistinct consonants

* Admittedly difficult task 

* Apparently disconnected facts

* Architecturally successful edifice

* Astonishingly young mind

* Awfully up-hill work 

* Badly drawn character 

* Basically irrelevant detail

* Biologically important functions

* Bitterly contested wars

* Blatantly defied convention

* Brightly coloured flowers

* Brilliantly written book 

* Carefully ascertained facts

* Carefully chosen examples

* Carefully developed theory

* Clearly defined pattern

* Closely guarded secret

* Closely related words

* Commercially oriented people

* Commonly used words

* Comparatively recent development

* Completely different angle

* Completely illiterate audience

* Constantly changing background

* Constantly recurring themes

* Critically edited text

* currently fashionable dressDangerously disparaging attributes

* Dazzlingly beautiful illuminations

* Dearly loved person

* Deeply felt resentment

* Deeply rooted tradition

* Delightfully chivalrous statement

* Densely populated areas

* Divinely inspired poetry

* Eagerly awaited news

* Easily accomplished task 

* Economically advanced nation

* Economically backward areas

* Elegantly dressed person

* Eminently readable introduction

* Eminently respectable figures

* Emotionally charged sound

* Entirely unfamiliar...
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