Eyeglasses vs. Contact Lenses

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  • Published : August 13, 2011
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Eyeglasses versus Contact Lenses
English 121
Instructor: Jill Mosley
July18, 2011


Eyeglasses vs. Contacts Lenses

The human eye is an organ that allows vision. Some people suffer from a common vision problem called “Hyperopia or farsightedness” (Dictionary.com, 2011). People with Hyperopia can see objects that are far away, but have a hard time seeing things that are close. Another vision problem is Myopia. “Myopia or nearsightedness” (Dictionary.com, 2011) is when a person can see close objects but have problems seeing objects that are far away. How is Hyperopia and Myopia corrected? In most cases professional eye specialist correct Hyperopia and Myopia by using corrective lenses, such as eyeglasses or contact lenses. This paper’s purpose is to discuss the comparisons and contrasts of eyeglasses and contact lenses. Even though they are both beneficial and can be switched back and forth, we will look at how they can alter appearances, the convenience and inconveniences of both, and which provides the best vision.

The first difference between glasses and contacts is the way glasses alter a person’s appearances. Glasses can make a person look different in a good way and in some opinion can be a bad way. Depending on the type of frame used, glasses have a way to make a person look more sophisticated. Also, the size of the frame can have an effect on the way the face size will appear. Larger frames make the face seem smaller, where smaller frames make the face appear larger. On the other hand, wearing clear contact lenses has no effect at all on a person’s appearance. No one even knows that a person is wearing contacts unless they are told. Contacts GLASSES VS. CONTACTS3

can alter your appearance if color is added to them. Therefore, glasses and contacts can be an appearance alteration if wanted.
Another difference between contacts and...
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