Eye for an Eye

Topics: Mobile phone, Education, A Great Way to Care Pages: 1 (428 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Persuasive Essay

At some point in a kid’s life, they will beg for a cell phone. Most teens or preteens own one. However, some people abuse the privileges of having one. People do not understand the actual reasons for owning a cell phone. I am mature and independent enough to own one. I should be able to have a cell phone for convenience, to teach responsibility, and for safety. One positive reason for having a phone is for convenience. Cell phones are a great way to contact parents while at school or after school activities. I could use my phone to contact my parents at school if they need to come and get me after practice or a game. I can also use a cell phone for away camps in the summer. Some camps will let campers bring a phone to check in with their parents at night. I have learned from my own experience that using someone else’s phone is not the best way to go. One last example is away games for sports. While I am on the road coming back from away games, I can call my mom or dad to tell them when to pick me up. Overall, owning a cell phone can be more convenient than borrowing someone else’s phone. The next reason for getting one is to teach responsibility. I realize that having a cell phone is a big responsibility. Having a cell can teach me how to keep up with things. I could also learn how to manage my phone bill when I am older. I can learn how to manage my socialization time on my phone, too. Finally, the most important reason for having a cell phone is for safety. As I am getting older, I am able to do more things on my own. If there is an emergency, I can call 911 when I am by myself or with a friend. A phone could help save myself from getting into danger. Some cells even come with GPS tracking system. It could be helpful to use that when I am somewhere far away. Finally, a cell phone could allow me to call my parents if I was ever in an uncomfortable position with friends. In conclusion, buying a cell phone is very...
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