Exutive Branch

Topics: President of the United States, Vice President of the United States, Washington, D.C. Pages: 5 (1064 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Unit 4 Executive Branch Take Home Final

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1 Which presidential tradition was broken by Franklin D. Roosevelt and resolved through passage of the 22nd Amendment? He won a third term in in 1940 and then a 4th in 1944. The 22nd amendment prevents this from recurring a President can only serve 2 4 year terms.

2 The formal duties assigned to the Vice President by the Constitution are
Presides over the Senate and to help decide the question of the presidential disability

3 What development led to a change in the electoral college system following the election of 1800?
The rise of political parties

4 Which of the following establishes the procedures for picking presidential election delegates in each State?
State law and/or party rules

5 Who determines the party platforms to be adopted at the national conventions? The party’s leadership

6 Which electoral college reform plan proposal would give a share of each State’s electoral vote based on each candidate’s share of the State’s popular vote? The Proportional plan

7 What has had the most influence on the growth of presidential power since 1789? Unity of the presidency

8 Which inherent power of the President provides for the refusal to disclose certain information to Congress or the federal courts? Executive privilege

9 What is a primary difference between a treaty and an executive agreement? Treaties must be approved by the Senate, Executive agreement do not.

10 How can a President use a line-item veto?
Through an amendment to the constitution

11 Which bureaucratic feature allows people to work on a complex task based on a set of known standards and with little interruption?
Formalized Rules

12 Which of the following is an agency of the Executive Office of the President? The Office of management and budget

13 Which informal advisory body was not created by the Constitution or Congress, although its advisors are subject to Senate confirmation? The Cabinet

14 Which independent executive government agency was created as a result of the need for reform and the assassination of President James Garfield? Civil Service

15 Congress created NASA in 1958 as an independent agency. What does the cartoon say about NASA and the government?

16 Congress created NASA in 1958 as an independent agency. What does the cartoon say about NASA and the government?

17 What distinguishes the independent regulatory commissions from other independent agencies? The regulatory commission are largely beyond the reach of presidential direction and control

18 What produces the largest amount of federal revenue in the United States? Individual Income Tax

19 In order to resolve its deficit spending, the Federal Government borrows money from a variety of investors. Which term describes the result of this government borrowing? Public Debt

20 What is discretionary spending?
Budgetary spending about which congress and the President can make choices

21 Who is responsible for carrying out the government’s monetary policy? Federal Reserve Bond

22 What is the right of legation?
The right of every nation to send and receive diplomatic representatives

23 What is the relationship between the military and the federal government? The military is subordinate to the elected civilian leadership

24 Which two principles have directed the foreign policy of the United States since World War II? Collective Security and Deterrence

25 Which council of the United Nations bears the major responsibility for maintaining international peace? Security Council

26 Franklin D. Roosevelt served three terms as President. What tradition did he break by doing this? No third term

27 What are the formal duties the...
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