Extremely Use of Facebook

Topics: Social network service, Facebook, MySpace Pages: 4 (843 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Kurtuluş KAYA


Thesis Statement: I want to mention about the four negative effects of extreme using of Facebook in my own life.

I.Being away from the society




III. Lessons

A.Spend so many times


A.Sitting all day

Conclusion: Extremely use of Facebook can lead to bad effects so,we should pay attention while using of Facebook.


We all use the social networking for some reasons. These reasons means many advantages like meeting new people across the globe and finding old friends, etc. Facebook is one of them. Although using Facebook has some advantages, there are some negative effects of extreme using. In the 1990s, critics held the diffusion of Internet as evidence of individuals' increasing alienation from society and public life (see Kraut et al., 1998; Turkle, 1996; White, 1997). The story with Facebook, MySpace, and other social network sites (SNSs) is not any different. Unsafe disclosure of information, cyberbullies, addiction, risky behavior, and contact with dangerous communities are popular concerns raised in the mainstream media about the use of SNSs (e.g., Hodgkinson, 2008; Koloff, 2008; Stone, 2007). So, in this essay I want to mention about the four negative effects of extreme using of Facebook in my own life.

For me, the major effect of using Facebook extremely is being away from the society. Facebook has been very addictive for me since I signed it up. I waste my most of time in front of the computer screen because of Facebook. This is a very bad habit for me. According to the researchers, looking the computer screen longly causes pain, itchiness or redness in the eye, fatigue, headache, etc. Although I know these bad results of computer screen, I can’t help myself without staying connected to Facebook all the time. Moreover, I always want to log it in....
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