Extreme Sports

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Extreme Sports
Frist path ---around 1 minute
1. Introduce:
Hi, I am Sharon, today my presentation’s topic is extreme sports. Is anyone playing extreme sports? 2. Thesis:
For leisure life, extreme sports is a good choice for people who want to the pursuit of stimulation. Extreme sports not only give people a chance to release the pressure in the natural world, but also is a way to challenge themself and become stronger. Second path --- around 8 minutes

1. The reason had extreme sports: --- around 1~2 minutes
Today, facing increasingly cruel competition of society, human life rhythm is becoming more and more fast, working pressure is more and more high and the life space more and more small. Reality environment makes modern people overwhelmed and constant, increasing the stimulation and make the person feel domain limit also enhance unceasingly. General sports cannot meet the pursuit of human mental stimulation. 2. Definition and the type of extreme sports: ----around1~2 minutes Extreme sports is a popular term for certain activities perceived as having a high level of inherent danger. Because of extreme sports is more like outdoor sports, the playing area would be sky, water and land. There have many type of extreme sports, such as bungee jumping, rock climbing, snowboarding, cave diving, auto racing, water ride, flowboarding and Parkour. 3. Motivation: (each motivation will come with image) ---around 2~3 minutes Enjoy nature (ex. get close with nature word, escape crowds and noise) Reduce tension (ex. Tension release, slow down mentally and escape and daily routines.) Challenge self (ex. physiological and psychological)

Meet new people and share similar values
4. Show a video --- around 2 minutes
5. Take a risk: --- around 1 minutes
As you see, extreme sports is a challenging sports. And it belong to the adventurer. Because extreme sports is a dangerous sports, people who played extreme sports only live for the thrill of the moment...
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