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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Sometimes in the past, I used to get bored and could not figure out how to entertain myself. Though I had the option of playing checkers, football, video games, I had been playing them for so long, and they were never involving enough. Frankly, I was not particularly good or at any of them. In fact, I always used to wish there was a game I could play without having to compete with anyone, but enjoy myself simply by virtue of playing it. My interest and participation in extreme sport started one Saturday afternoon after me, and a few of my friends watched a van Disel video. We thought, why not try some bike stunts, by then I had a dirt bike, and we played truth and dare. None of us could do any real stunt, but we practiced just for the sake of it. After trying out safe stunts on my bike, I decided to move it up a notch. One day dressed in my helmet ankle elbow pads and protective gears when we were fooling around I cranked up my bike held down the clutch, gave it the gas in full and then did what no sane rider would, suddenly let go of the clutch. The bike jumped through the air and voila! I rode it on the back wheel for about 5 meters I know it is not much, but here I was doing something I had only seen on TV. However, of my three friends only two dared try it. We did this for some time, and it was invigorating every time we did it. We would also take the bikes to the free way and race not for the sake of winning, but performing many stunts at top speeds. The feeling of the wind blowing past you, the breathtaking speed, the turns and occasional “flying” moments would send a rush flowing through my bloodstreams. The fear combined with the temporality high gave me an indescribable feeling of elation. The fact that there were often people watching and the risk from automobile traffic made it even more fun. We, however, had to quit for a while after Cris one of my friends ended up crashing his bike and ended up with two broken ribs, and 12 stitches on the left leg...
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