Extreme Ice

Topics: Glacier, Ice core, Ice Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: February 13, 2013
"Extreme Ice"

In this documentary film, “Extreme Ice,” produced by PBS TV, 2009, James and scientists shows how glacier ice is melting. James Balog, a photographer, wanted to document and help scientists to understand mountain monumental changes. So he surveyed the ice and went to the places such as Alaska, Green land, etc. The project team which called “Extreme ice” discovered that there were very serious problems. The sun was the most reason of ice melting. But now, such as Industrial revolution and fossil fuels output green house gases alter the planet. For example, Columbia bay where is the fastest melting ice in the world, the ice is going to be collapsed faster than before. Scientists eventually discover about the mystery of the fast-melting ice at Columbia Bay. They announced that high temperature create more water and the water is melting ice because high pressure water cracked ice open and collapse. So Dr. Tad Pfeffer who is the one of the researchers suspected that if mountain glaciers are continuous melting, then people like living in Asia could not drink water. Frozen ice core record also support the reason. They have periodical ice in National Ice Core Lab in Colorado and it can distinguish between bubbles and pack of air. Late 1990s, Greenland is the hardest so far. But when they visited there, they figured out so many water drained out and it goes booming ice. Approximately 100million people will see to exist the melting ice on coastal countries such as Florida, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. That's because the film "Extreme Ice" might mean quickly disappearing the ice and land increasingly.
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